Vile Teenage girl attacks and drags younger girl by hair as group cheer her on

Police are investigating after horrofic footage of a vile teenage girl attacking what appears to be a younger girl has appeared on social media. 

The footage has been viewed over three million times shows the young girl being brutally attacked, having her head slammed off the ground and being dragged by her hair. 

The attack happened in broad daylight with not one single person attempting to stop the attack for three minutes. A brave girl then steps in and asks her to stop. 

The footage was filmed on the streets of  Cowdenbeath, Fife.  

The girl who is overly happy with the attack can be seen smirking and laughing as she caried out the attack. 

The vile girl who cannot be named for legal reasons drags her down to the ground by her hair and slams her in the head woth her knees.

Police are now investigating the attack which was uploaded on to facebook.

Please be kindly reminded it is against the law to name or identity a child who is invloved in any crime, be that the offender or the victim on social media. 

Police Scotland has confirmed they have charged a 15 year old girl following the incident.