Leicestershire Police Confirm Odd Number House Burglaries Not Investigated Same As Even Numbered

Leicestershire Police has confirmed they conducted a trail in which they limited the response at houses who had suffered attempted burglaries with odd number houses.

Police confirmed they only deployed scenes of crime officers to even houses.

They tested this during March and May this year to experiment with ways to cut costs.

Leicestershire Police released a statement today ” Accordingly, earlier this year a three month pilot project was run in the Leicestershire Force area. Under the pilot, it was decided that only half the scenes of attempted break-ins in Leicestershire would be visited by forensic officers to assess whether attendance or otherwise had any material impact on either investigative opportunities or victim satisfaction rates.

“As a condition of accepting to host the trial, Leicestershire Police stipulated that all reported scenes of attempted burglaries would be visited by a police officer, and that any scene involving a vulnerable victim or believed to be part of a series of crimes would be visited by forensic officers.

“For the purpose of the pilot, and to establish control samples, it was decided that properties which were the scenes of attempted burglaries with even house numbers would be visited, and those with odd numbers would not.

“The pilot project found that the attendance or otherwise of forensic officers had no noticeable impact on victim satisfaction, and nor did it impact on the overall ratio of scenes visited and suspects identified.

“It also produced useful data about the length of time crime scene investigators spent travelling to, and examining, potential crime scenes and the effectiveness of such activity in identifying suspects.

“The findings of the pilot will be closely scrutinised by EMSOU Forensic Services before any decision is taken about whether the five East Midlands Forces change their policy regarding the attendance of forensic officers at scenes of reported attempted burglary”