Bultin’s Security Staff did nothing, Mothers desperation after autistic son attacked

A mother has took to social media in an attempt to solve the case of an attack on her autistic son who was simply trying to make friends when he was on holiday. The famliy are now appealing for two teenage girls to come to come forward who may have witnessed the incident.

Alison Attwater a mother of two from Epsom in Surrey has launched a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook to find a couple of teenage girls from the Reading area, who witnessed her 18 year old, autistic son Thomas being viciously attacked last Thursday, whilst staying at the Bognor Regis Butlins Holiday Camp, holidaying with his mum and 19 year old brother Charlie.

The assault took place outside the Beachcomber pub and restaurant inside the Butlins Bognor Resort on Thursday 30 July, at around 9pm. Alison Attwater, 46, the mother of the assaulted young man has made this appeal: ‘Seeing your own child savaged like this is utterly heart breaking. It is vital we find these young women, who saw the attack. All we know is their names are Amelia and Athena, they are about 16 and from the Reading area, one is red head and one blonde haired.

‘They made friends with Thomas on the Wednesday night,’ explains Alison. ‘Please come forward if you know these young women. I’d love to speak to Amelia or Athena, as would the Police. I must underline though, they are not in any trouble at all, but they might be valuable witnesses, especially if they are able to help identify who did this to my son.’

‘This unprovoked attack has caused considerable damage to Thomas’s face as well as inside his mouth, leaving multiple cuts and bruises, which required three separate hospital visits. Given that Thomas is autistic, one of the most alarming aspects of this incident was that my son had no idea how to cope and spent two hours wandering the Butlins camp site, alone. Thomas was then taken to Chichester Hospital, West Sussex, by ambulance.

‘At the time, Butlins security staff said they were too busy dealing with another incident to deal with what happened to Thomas. The company has written today by email, saying it could take up to three weeks to reply to my letter of complaint. The Butlins holiday was meant to be respite for the family, using vouchers provided by the charity Family Fund.’

Alison Attwater has told Police Hour has confirmed Tom is doing well following the incident, however he requires to undergo hospital treatment “Tom is going to St Georges tomorrow to see the maxillo facial surgeons to see what can be done about the inside of his cheek”.

Anyone with any info is requested to contact West Sussex police on 101.