You’ve been warned new iPhone Scam that will cost you £50… Here is how to fix it. 

There is a new scam being reported in the UK and iPhone users are being targeted. 

The scam involves a message pop up that will show a message and then temporarily freezes the handset. 

The message appears to bring up a crash report, and states that due to a third party application your phone, iOS crashed.

You are then advised to contact support for an immediate fix. 

The message will only appear when you are within the Safari internet app, users are urged to called 0800 279 6211 or 0800 652 4895.

They will then take a £50 payment in return for a fix. 

However the fix is to place your phone into Airplane Mode. 

If you review the settings on your phone you should be able to prevent it happening in the first place.