Teenager Sacked from Student Loans Company 24 Hours after reporting sexual harassment

It has emerged the Student Loans Company based in Darlington have sacked a teenage girl 24 hours after she reported sexual harassment. 

The teenager girl aged 19 was dropped by the company just 24 hours after reporting her concerns.

The teenager was one of the agency workers employed by Manpower.

She reported to her boss that an older worker was sexually harassing her, hours later she was sacked. 

She reported the 60 year old man had started asking her questions she found intrusive and began making propositions. 

He alway began sending lots of emails about her sex life. 

Manpower claim she was removed from the role however it was unrelated to her sexual harasment claim.

The teenager has said she was performing well within the role and believes she was dropped to save money investigating the claims.