Attending the Royal Christening of Princess Charlott Tomorrow here is all the details you need to know. 

Well-wishers attending thechristening of Princess Charlotte tomorrow (Sunday 5 July) will be able toenter the paddock area from 2pm.

The christening will take placeat 4.30pm at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham.

 Any members of the public who wish to celebrate the occasion are being advised the gates to the paddock area of the church will now be opened at 2pm and not at 3pm as previously advised, to allow sufficient time for people to arrive. 

 A large number of well-wishers are expected to attend and the public should be mindful that anyone arriving before this time will be required to queue.

Given this event is taking place later in the day, people are asked to consider their arrivaltime carefully  as they could be queuing for some time in warm temperatureswith limited  refreshments and facilities in the area.

People arriving by car will be directed by staff on arrival to the Sandringham estate to one of a number of car parks.

Superintendent Kevin Clarke said: “With this being such a special occasion we are expecting the area to be extremely busy on Sunday and encourage the public to heed ouradvice so  they can enjoy the event safely.”

 Where should I park?

People arriving by car will be directed by staff on arrival tothe Sandringham estate to one of a number of car parks; however, with alarge number of people expected to attend, we would advise people to carshare or consider other transport options.
When can I arrive?

The gates to the paddock willbe open at 3pm and not before. Police are advising people not to arrivebefore that time as they will not get access to the paddock and could bewaiting for a long time in the heat with minimal facilities in the area.

What should I bring?

With warm weather forecast,please make sure you bring adequate sun protection, such as sunscreen andhats. Facilities in the area are limited so it is advisable to bringrefreshments; however, please avoid bringing large bags or coolers.

 Can I bring a camera?

Members of the public areallowed to take photographs in the paddock area; however, no professionalor commercial photography is permitted outside the press pen.

Can I bring flowers?

Any flowers will be donated toEast Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH). Anyone bringing flowers into thepaddock area will be directed to representatives from EACH who will thendonate them to their hospices in East Anglia.