Tesco underfire after claims of attacking shoplifter  

Tesco supermarket workers have come under fire after they detained a vulnerable man. 

Two Tesco supermarket workers assaulted him in what he has described as a terrifying ordeal. 

The man who cannot be named suffers schizophrenia and mental health issues. Tesco staff took him to the “search room” within the city’s Savile Street Tesco store. 

Staff spotted him shoplifting shampoo and conditioners on May 23rd 2015. 

He was held for 40 minutes for a holding room while he endured what ITV NEWS claimed as follows. 

  • Having his face pushed into a wall
  • Two male workers manhandling him and dragging him to the floor
  • Forced to lay face-down for over 10 minutes while the men search his pockets and then stood chatting either side of him
  • Had a cup of water thrown over him and a fire extinguisher aimed at him as he tried to smoke a cigarette to calm his nerves

You can view the CCTV image and full report on the ITV NEWS website here