A Seven year old was attacked by her aunt and grandmother resulting in her death. 

They forced her to endure Slappings, beatings, ice baths and force-feeding. 

Poor little Shanay Walker was punished by those who should of offered her protection.

Instead they choose to attack the defenceless seven year old in cruel punishments. 

Sadly Shanay died as a result of her frequent and wicked torture, although it is claimed she feel down the stairs at home. 

She was found dead in her home in Beckhampton Road in Bestwood, Nottingham, on July 31 last year.
 Seven Year Old Girl Suffered Slappings, beatings, ice baths and force feeding. 1 
Her Anut named Mie Kay-Ann Morris  was found guilty of cruelty towards her and jailed for eight years. 

However she was cleared of murder. 
Juanila Smikle her grandmother was jailed for four year after she was found guilty of cruelty, they also found her guilty of cruelty towards three other children.