Force does not back PC who was just doing his job. 

Picture Credit Bullshire Police Fed

North Yorkshire Police have come under fire after they charged and summoned a Police Constable to court for just doing his job.
He stood accused of dangerous driving after he became invloved in a vehicle pursuit.  

The officer Police Constable Adam Steventon based in Skipton was suspended from driving within North Yorkshire Police and faced being sent to jail for just doing his job.  

PC Steventon attended an incident in which Terence Maugh aged 30 drove off a petrol station without payment.

The officer gave chase for three miles and travelled at speeds varying 30 to 80mph, the Maugh and officer jumped a red light before  Maugh smashed his car into a Citroen C4. 

He then bailed his car and the relentless and dedicated officer continued chase on foot jumping a wall and arrested the male after a foot chase that lasted quater of a mile, He then arrested Maugh. 

Maugh was jailed for 12 months for danerous drivint and making off without payment.

What followed was the arrest of PC Steventon a dedicated officer with a 20 year career as a blue light officer. 

His force charged him with dangerous driving but it took a jury just 45 minutes to find him not guilty.

If he had been found guilty he was facing a driving ban, prison and being kicked out of the police. 

Judge Paul Watson QC told him: “Adam Steventon you are a police officer of 20 years standing. You are a highly-regarded professional officer. On March 12 last year you had to make a judgment call against a background of a lack of training by your police force. You made that call in the belief it was in the best interests of the public. There will be others that say you deserve praise rather than prosecution. After all you, and your family has been through, it would be an affront to natural justice if you were to face any other internal disciplinary procedure. I hope that will not be the case.

“It only remains for me to say it is a pleasure to say you can go free from court.”