Cleveland Police does not support constable who made false arrest in 2008, because the story made the headlines

A Cleveland Police Officer who falsely arrested   Mrs Cadman-Khan has today been suspended from duty two days after the news made the headlines. 

Mrs Khan won over £20k in damages from Cleveland Police after her arrest in November 2008.

Although we are not denying this is a serious allegation. Why has it took Cleveland Police since 2008 to suspend the officer.

The officer has clearly demonstrated he is fit for duty. Surely.

The officer who cannot be named arrested Khan in 2008 on suspicion of child neglect. Her name was cleared and two days ago was awarded over £20k. 

Now fast forward to today, Cleveland Police has suspended a Police Constable, showing lack of support for a constable that has been free to perform his duty since 2008.  

The Constable in question would not have made that choice to arrest her on his own.

Although we do not know the circumstances of the situatuon. We would ask why was that police constable allowed to contiune his duty since November 2008?. 

Deputy Chief Constable Iain Spittal said: “I have offered my sincere apologies to Mrs Cadman-Khan and for the upset that has been caused to her and her family. Police officers are trained to deal with difficult situations calmly and to react in a reasonable and proportionate manner. It is clear that this did not happen in Mrs Cadman-Khan’s case.

“I have read the judgement with great care and we are taking active steps to ensure we learn from the mistakes which were made, so that similar incidents don’t happen in the future.

“The Judgement has been provided to our Professional Standards Department to determine whether any formal action will be taken against the officer in line with Police Conduct Regulations.”

Cleveland Police confirmed they have no suspended a police constable over the matter A Cleveland Police spokesperson said: “We can confirm that a serving officer has been suspended from duty while an internal investigation continues. The Force will also be making a referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission regarding this matter.”