Chief Constable Simon Parr Announces he is to retire

SIMON Parr, Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Constabulary has today announced he is to retire at the end of July 2015, almost five years after joining the force.
Mr Parr joined the constabulary in September 2010 following three years as the Deputy Chief Constable in Hertfordshire.
He joined Hertfordshire Constabulary in January 2004 and served as Deputy Chief Constable from 2006, and had previously spent 20 years with Sussex Police.

Mr Parr said: “It is with mixed feelings that I am today formally announcing my retirement from policing after nearly 32 years’ service.

“There is never a perfect time to leave a role that I have enjoyed as much as this, but with a new government in place, a new round of spending challenges to be met, and, no doubt, other unseen challenges to be tackled, this seems in my judgement to be the right time for me to hand over the stewardship of the organisation to someone who will lead the constabulary through the next five years.

“It has been an enormous privilege to spend so much time in public service and I am honoured to have held the office of constable for so long.”

Police and Crime Commissioner, Sir Graham Bright, paid tribute to the Chief Constable, saying: “I have worked closely with Simon since I came into office in November 2012 and we have maintained an excellent personal and professional relationship throughout.

“Simon’s clear vision for how a modern constabulary should operate has seen a significant change in the culture of the organisation as officers and staff adopt new ways of working and are empowered to make decisions.

“Simon leaves behind a strong, effectively run constabulary that is well placed to face the challenges ahead. While I am sorry to see him go I would like to thank him for all he has done and wish him well for the future.”

Deputy Chief Constable Alec Wood will become Acting Chief Constable until a recruitment process takes place.