Blackpool Special Constables get a special thanks 

Thanks goes out to the team of special constables who patrolled Blackpool and Poulton over the weekend and made the town centres a safer place.
As part of National Volunteers’ Week and National Specials Weekend, 25 specials visited every licensed premises in both centres where several alcohol seizures were made, three arrests, including two for possession with intent to supply and several minor incidents of disorder which were dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Lancashire Special Constabulary Chief Officer Paul Airlie said: “The operation allowed our regular colleagues to concentrate on other divisional priorities. The specials can directly impact on day to day policing and the weekend was a great success. This is a really good example of how they can both work together.”
Lancashire Constabulary has more than 370 special constables who have full police powers and perform the same duties as regular officers. Specials wear the same uniform as police officers and are issued with the same equipment.

They work alongside neighbourhood policing teams across the county performing the same duties as regular officers, which can range from general patrols to involvement in specific policing operations or events. Special constables receive the same high level training and uniform and have the same powers and authority as regular police officers.
The weekend marked the end of a successful National Volunteers Week in which volunteers who work for Lancashire Constabulary were recognised for their hard work.