Tory Gov Set To Announce Plans That Will See Fire Fighters Turn Up At Crime Scenes And Police At Fires

The Tory Goverment is set to announce a secret bill that will merge our emergency services In to one.

It will start with plans that will completely merge Police Officer’s and Fire Fighter’s then plans will eventually extend to Paramedics. 

Fire Fighter’s will be brought under the control of an elected Police and Crime Commissioner, bringing much greater reform and cost cutting to our emergency services, all three emergency services will be trained to the same level to respond to any emergency from a murder, critically ill person or a major blaze.  

The plans will see police officers trained as fire fighters and paramedics meaning if they responded to a fight they would be unable to request an ambulance because they would be forced to deal with it. 

The new plans will mean when you call 999 if no police officers are free to attend you could have s fire Engine or Ambulance at your door to assist.  

Members of the public simply will not know which emergency service will attend.