Theresa May warns Police Federation to stop ‘crying wolf’ about cuts to policing

The Home Secretary Theresa May has warned the Police Federation to stop ‘crying wolf’ about cuts to policing. 

Is a brave speach directly to members of the police federation at the annual conference she made it clear more cuts to policing would be made over the next five years. 

May went on to accuse leaders of the Police Federation of using  “scaremongering” over the effects that cuts is having to policing, when in actual fact crime is the lowest it has ever been.

May told federation members: “I have to tell you that this kind of scaremongering does nobody any good – it doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t serve the officers you represent, and it doesn’t serve the public.”

“The truth is that crime fell in each of those years, it’s fallen further since, and our country is safer than it’s ever been,”

“So please – for your sake and for the thousands of police officers who work so hard every day – this crying wolf has to stop.”