Hatton Garden’s Police Sorry For Failing To Attend

In a statement delivered outside New Scotland Yard earlier in relation to the Hatton Garden burglary, Commander Peter Spindler said: 

“I want to use this opportunity to give you an update on what’s been happening with the high value burglary at Hatton Garden which took place over the Easter holiday.

“But firstly I want to address the issue of the alarm call. I know that this has been troubling people, and what I want to say is that on this occasion the systems and processes that we have in place with the alarm companies weren’t followed. And as a result of that officers did not attend the premises when in fact they probably should have done; and for that I want to apologise.

“However, the keyholders were notified about alarm activation and the security officer was sent to the premises. That security officer saw what our officers would have seen had they deployed; which was a multi-occupancy building on eight floors where in fact the premises would have appeared secure and no alarm was sounding.

“We have an ongoing review into the defeat of the alarm. We’re going to work very closely with the alarm industry to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. And that we fully understand how it was the alarm system failed in this instance. And we will ultimately share the findings of that review with the wider business community to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“Moving on, over the last six weeks the Flying Squad has worked relentlessly supported by officers from our major crime command, from covert policing and other specialist parts of the business. Detective Superintendent Turner, who is the Head of the Flying Squad, will now give you an update on the progress that they’ve made.”

Detective Superintendent Craig Turner, Head of the Flying Squad, gave the following update on the investigation:

“The Flying Squad has undertaken an intensive proactive and reactive investigation. This is to ensure that victims, individual box holders, and also the wider Hatton Garden community are served justice.

“I’m very pleased to say that this morning 12 addresses have been raided across London and Kent area. As a result of those raids seven white British males have been arrested. They’re all aged between 48 and 76 years of age. They have all been arrested for conspiracy to steal. 

“As a result of those searches, a significant amount of high value property has been recovered. Can I just urge victims to please stay patient. Police officers will be in contact with them in order that we can restore this property back to their rightful owners. Please be patient in relation to this. 

“This has been an exceptional, complex investigation and I thank everyone for remaining patient. I think this sends a message in relation to this type of crime that is committed within London that the MPS will do as much as they can to bring justice to those victims of crime.”

Cmdr Spindler concluded by saying: “The Metropolitan Police takes these types of crimes very seriously. At times we have been portrayed as if we’ve acted like ‘Keystone Cops’. But I want to reassure you that in the finest traditions of Scotland Yard these detectives have done their utmost to bring justice for the victims of this callous crime. They have worked tirelessly and relentlessly. They have put their lives on hold over the last six or seven weeks to make sure that justice is served and they have exemplified the finest attributes of Scotland Yard detectives. We will be releasing further information throughout the next 24 hours.”