Court Hearing reveals £10M Hatton Gardens Gems recovered?

Eight men have been remanded in custody following the Hatton Gardens Gem Raids. 

It was uncovered that gems have been recovered by police, with the Prosecutor Edmund Hall confirming this could be in exceses of £10 Million Pounds worth of Gems have been recovered by Police.

He confirmed 73 safety deposit boxes had been raided, although it is not known the value of those items recovered by officers they are valuing the burglary at in excesses of £10M in court. 

That evidence was enough to secure a charge and have the men remanded in custody. 

Detectives from the Met’s Flying Squad investigating the burglary at Hatton Garden on, Wednesday 20 May, charged the following eight men with conspiracy to burgle:
[A] Terry Perkins – 67 (04.04.48) of Heene Road, Enfield 
[B] John Collins – 74 (05.09.40) of Blestoe Walk, N1

[C] Daniel Jones – 58 (01.03.57) of Park Avenue, Enfield EN1
[D] Hugh Doyle – 48 (28.02.67) of Riverside Gardens, EN2
[E] William Lincoln – 59 (15.06.55) of Winkley Street, E2
[F] Brian Reader – 76 (28.02.39) of Dartford Road, Dartford 
[G] Paul Reader – 50 (14.10.64) of Dartford Road, Dartford
[H] Carl Wood – 58 (24.02.57) of Elderbeck Close, Cheshunt
All eight men have been remanded in custody before the appear at Crown Court. 

A ninth man (I) has been bailed to a date to be confirmed pending further police enquiries.

With a tenth man being arrested this morning in Essex.