Woman left with pellet lodged in Skull after being shot while on break at work.

A woman who felt a sudden pain in her neck while on a break at work has been shot by an air pallet.

The pellet became lodged at the based of the woman’s skull following the incident in Didsbury. 

The victim, 54, was in the car park of The Waterside Hotel, Wilmslow Road, during a break from her job, when she felt a pain in her neck. 

She was taken to hospital and following an x-ray it was established that she had a pellet lodgedin the back of her head. 

It is not known what weapon was used to fire the pellet. 

Detective Constable Lucy Barnes, said: “We don’t know whether the woman was deliberately shot at or was the victim of someone recklessly firing the weapon indiscriminately, but either way this is an extremely serious incident that could have hadfar worse ramifications.

“We don’t know exactly what weapon was used but the end result is she now has a pellet lodgedin the base of her skull. 

“If anyone saw what happened or has information about those responsible I would urge them to contactme in complete confidence.”