We will put more officers on the streets and rebuild community policing.

Labour Shadow Policing Minster Jack Dromey has today visited Redcar in Teesside. 

For the first time in this election debate cuts to policing have finally become a discussed topic. 

They were merely mentioned on the live debates when David Cameron confirmed cuts to policing would contiune under Conservatives

Police Hour has highlighted cuts to policing and has been very supportive of #DontDitchTheDogs, #Cutshaveconsquences and most recently #SaveOurChopperCoppers which have all been headed up by ex-murder detective Mike Pannet. 

We finally have a Member of Parliament and a labour candidate Anna Turley of Redcar standing up for front line police officers. Supporting our dedicated front line officers pledging Labour will be the party that puts Police Officers back on the streets.  

The news followed the shocking announcement that Cleveland Police has lost one in five officers

Which is having an impact on communities across Teesside. 

We have previously reported that 17K police officers have been lost across the United Kingdom.  

Now police response times are delayed by 50% in the last three years due to these significant cuts.  

Anna Turley has said “Labour will put the police back on the beat with visible neighbourhood policing at the heart of our communities, with more officers on the front line funded by abolishing the post of police and crime commissioners.”