Pressure mounts for Hartlepool Mayor to stand down after faking a funeral so he could interview new candidates

Hartlepool Mayor Stephen Akers-Belcher has come under fire after it has been revealed he was sacked from his day job after faking a funeral. 

The grieving Mayor instead carried our job interviews in portsmouth for the new Cheif Executive role at Hartlepool Council.   

He was caputred after photos emerged  of the Mayor in his chains with the Hartlepool Mail while Newcastle Council believed he was grieving.

The Mayor was then placed before a disciplinary board when the news paper reports emerged. 

They sacked him for gross misconduct after he failed to provide evidence to his employer that he attended a funeral. 

He then took his employer to a tribunal and failed to provide the court with the correct evidence via the deadline and claimed this was becaue he was ‘ill’.  

The disgraced Mayor claims he has done nothing wrong and believes he has been sacked for whistle blowing.