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Jealous controlling man murders woman with hammer and knife in front of six year old



A jealous and controlling man who used a hammer to smash his way into a residential property and kill a woman in front of her child has today, Friday, 10 April 2015 been jailed for more than 26 years.

Lloyd Byfield, 49 (23.03.66) of no fixed abode murdered Leighann Duffy in her living room in Walthamstow using a hammer and a knife to inflict blows in an unprovoked and senseless attack. He was sentenced at the Old Bailey to 26 and a half years’ imprisonment.

He pleaded guilty to her murder on Tuesday 17 March 2015 at the same court.

The court heard how police were called at 15:05hrs on Monday, 1 September 2014, to reports of a woman stabbed at a residential property in Hatherley Road, E17.

Officers and London Ambulance Service attended and found Leighann Duffy suffering from stab wounds to her arm and neck.

She was taken by London Air Ambulance to an east London hospital where she subsequently died on 3 September 2014.

A post-mortem examination took place at Walthamstow Mortuary on 4 September and gave cause of death as a stab wound to the neck.

A six-year-old child at the address received treatment at the scene for an assault related injury and did not attend hospital.

The two weapons used by Byfield in this attack, a claw hammer and a large red handled kitchen knife as well as a home made sheaf used to conceal the blade were all recovered at the scene by attending detectives who quickly linked him to the attack.

Byfield was arrested on 17 September 2014 in Walthamstow High Street, E17 after stopping a passing PCSO and admitting he was wanted by police. Prior to his subsequent arrest, Byfield told the PCSO that “the devil came into his head” during the attack and that “there was no point in hiding” from police.

Despite this apparent confession, Byfield did his best to thwart investigators, answering no comment to all questions posed.

Forensic evidence at the scene, phone records and witness accounts however, provided overwhelming evidence of his guilt.

DCI Glen Lloyd, from the Homicide and Major Crime Command led the investigation into Leighann Duffy’s murder. He said:

“This was a despicable attack on a woman at home with her young child – a place where she was entitled to feel safe. Byfield has shown callous and murderous intent by forcing his way in and then proceeding to inflict fatal injuries on Leighann Duffy in a pre-planned attack. Byfield was motivated by jealously as he had previously wished to pursue a relationship with Duffy. I can only hope today’s sentence goes some small way to helping her family recover from what has been a horrendous ordeal.”

Statement from Ann Kerr – Leighann’s mother

“Leighann was a 26-year-old with a six-year-old daughter and was a happy and bubbly woman who had her whole life ahead of her. On Monday, 1 September 2014 she was brutally taken from us in an unprovoked and senseless attack.

“No sentence will ever make up for what he did and will never bring her back. However our family has finally got justice for Leighann which has caused months of grief.

“We want to thank the police who worked day and night to catch Leighann’s killer. We also want to thank all of our friends and family who have supported us through this devastating time of our lives.”



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Hospital turn off life support machine because family couldn’t pay £7k bill



The family of British man have been left devastated and furious after an Egyptian hospital because staff switched off his life support without their permission.

Despite this the hospital claim Adrian King suffered cardiac arrest however his family have told the local courts it’s because they didn’t have the money to pay a £7k insurance bill.

Adrian aged 39 became ill while he was on holiday with his friend in Hurghada, on Egypt’s east coast.

All of a sudden he fell unconscious and was being treated in hospital, during his time in hospital it was discovered his insurance policy have been voided and they demanded an upfront payment while he laid on his death bed.

The inquest heard how the insurance was void as he had not declared a bacterial infection he had within his stomach two years before his holiday.

Adrian’s dad Charles Bumford told the hearing: “A man at the hospital stood in my son’s room and told me: ‘The insurance is null and void – you pay now or I switch off the machines.’

“I didn’t have the £7,000 ($9,800) he was asking for at that time. As he walked out of the room he started switching things off.”

Charles added that he tried contacting the hospital ’50 times’ but he never received an answer. The friend Adrian was with at the time, Nicola, was similarly confused by the situation occurring in the medical facility.

“They did the second dialysis and then said that the insurance was voided,” she told the inquest.

“They never said he had a cardiac arrest or anything, they said it was stopping, because the funding was stopped.”

Our thoughts are with the family of Adrian at this difficult time.



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Woman arrested after leaving move your vehicle note on ambulance attending 999 call



Police have taken a zero tolerance approach to a woman who left a note on an ambulance.

The note left paramedics disgusted police have now confirmed they have arrested a woman after the abusive note was left on an ambulance demanding it parked somewhere else while it was attending a 999 emergency call.

The note stated ‘I couldn’t give a s**t if the whole street collapsed”

The crew were also verbally abused while attending the emergency call while attempting to deal with an ongoing medical incident on Sunday afternoon.

Now a 26-year-old Tunstall woman has been arrested for public order offences.

Chief Inspector John Owen, commander of Staffordshire Police’s Stoke-on-Trent North policing team, tweeted about the incident.

He added: “We will not tolerate abuse or intimidation of our emergency services. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and we will take appropriate action against offenders.

“The arrest relates to matters of verbal abuse that could constitute offences under the Public Order Act. This is not solely about the note.”

A Staffordshire Police spokesman confirmed the force took action after seeing details reported on Twitter.

The woman remains in police custody and enquiries are on-going.



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Jon Venables Reportedly Attacked With Boiling Water By Fellow Inmate



Jon Venables attacked with boiling water by a fellow inmate. 

Jon Venables, one of the schoolboys who murdered James Bulger in 1993 has been attacked in prison after an image was released on social media.

Venables who is now aged 35 was attacked with boiling water and sugar after a fellow inmate managed to work out his identity.

Venables have been living under a fake name since 2001 and was sent back to jail having broken the conditions of his release and being found guilty of child pornography.

Venables was banned from travelling back to Liverpool but he had been attending music events and going to Everton Football matches.

He was later found to be in possession of cocaine and was also having a relationship with an underage girl.

Prison Officers were forced to place Venables on lockdown after his identity was revealed and he was attacked with boiling water and sugar.

it is alleged that Venables complained that guards did nothing at first to stop the attack from happening and offered him little help once he had been assaulted.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed to Police Hour that “incidents of this nature happen within prisons and we cannot discuss the nature of individual cases”

Now that the true identity of Venables is known within side the prison after images have been circulated among inmates it will be inevitable that another attack will happen.

Venables is currently serving a three-year sentence for child pornography offences and possession of 1,170 images of children which included babies.

It is believed inmates have been circulating images of Venables from prison to prison in the hope that one prisoner can identity him.

Facebook and Twitter this month removed images from their social media websites of various men who people claimed was Venables.

It is a criminal offence to name or identity Venables on social media due to an anonymity order granted in 2001 that prevents him from ever being named or identified.

Due to the nature of his repeat offending there is mounting pressure to scrap that order in order to prevent further children being targeted.

However due to the nature of Venables sick attack these orders are likely never to be removed.



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