Father films mother fling baby, stamp on her head before abandoning her

A mother has been captured on camera during an argument with her husband and appears to fling her baby to the ground and then appear to stamp on the babies head.

The babies father Vyacheslav Samoilov, 32 had an argument with the mother named Victoria aged 30 after he confronted her about text messages found on her phone.

Victoria reacted badly grabbed the 18 month old baby and flung her to the ground and raised her foot over her head.

Instead of jumping to the rescue of his daughter the father grabbed his phone and filmed what was happening.

The father ran off in one direction while the mother ran off in another direction leaving the little baby behind. He got a bus to the local hospital to have his injuries checked over. none of them were concerned about the baby they had just abandoned.

Passers-by became concerned and contact Russian police. thankfully the baby was in good health when doctors carried out a medical.