Youths armed with hammers smash up house in Ormesby

Two youths armed with hammers smash up house and car in what a resident is calling an attack on his property. 

Josh Playford has told Police Hour that seven windows of his property were smashed and then his car attacked in what he believes is a targeted attack carried out by two youths.

Credit: Police Hour

The incident happened at 10.30pm February 28th on Park Avenue north in Ormesby in Middlesbrough. 

Credit: Police Hour

John told Police Hour  “I’d been in bed around 10 minuets and then heard this huge smash didn’t know what the hell was going on”

Credit: Police Hour

Hecontiuned  “I’d come out my bedroom and the front door was getting smashed and so was the front window I started to shout to make them aware some one was up”

Credit: Police Hour

Paul told Police Hour that his mother now wants to move house following the incident, describing the avenue as quiet.

Paul added “This is a quiet avenue and this has never happened in the 25 years I have lived here”. 

The two youths have been described as around 5ft 7 slim built dark top and grey bottoms. 

Credit: Police Hour

The second youth was described as around 4ft 11 no taller than 5ft 2 had a dark hooded top on fair hair blue eyes with what looked like a boro scarf wrapped around his mouth” 

Clevelanad Police are investigating the incident. 

Anyone who witnesses the incident is requested to call police on 101. 

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