Parents warned as three more teenagers fall ill from drug 

Police are continuing to issue a drugwarning after three more people were taken to hospital after falling unwell.

Officers were called to an address inFirtree Road at 6.50pm this evening (Sunday, March 15). Three people weretreated by paramedics and taken to hospital for treatment. It’s believedthey had taken the illegal substance mephedrone.

It follows two incidents on Friday eveningand the early hours of Saturday morning in which police were called toreports of teenagers becoming unwell. Seven were taken to hospital fortreatment. 

Two people were also taken to hospitalfollowing an incident in Blaydon. 

Enquiries lead police to believe theteenagers may have taken the illegal substance known as ‘bubble’.

Bubble, otherwise known as Mephedrone,is a class b illegal drug that can cause harmful side effects to thosewho take it.

Six people have been arrested in connectionwith the investigation and bailed. Enquiries are on-going to establishwhere the drugs have come from.

It is not known whether or not all ofthe cases are linked at this time, however police are warning anyone aboutthe dangers of taking illegal drugs and urging anyone who may have takenan illegal drug and feels unwell to seek medical advice immediately.

Chief Inspector Neil Robson, said: “Wecannot stress the importance of listening to the dangers of taking drugsand would advise anyone who is thinking of doing so not to. 

“The side effects can be incrediblyharmful, if anyone has taken an illegal substance and becomes unwell theyshould seek medical advice immediately.”

Anyone who needs emergency medical attentionshould call 999.