Mother & Lesbian lover found guilty of killing eight year old found with bite marks and carpet burns

A sick mother and her lesbian lover have been found guilty of killing an eight year old girl.

The mother became involved in a twisted romance involving fictional Facebook characters.

Killers Polly Chowdhury and Kiki Muddar have been found guilty of killing Ayesha Ali the daughter of Chowdhury at their home in Chadwell Heath in East London.

Ayesha was killed in 2013.

Although the Jury found them not guilty of murder they were found guilty of the lesser charge of Manslaughter.

Paramedics attended the address following an 999 call, they discovered the cold and stiff body of Ayesha with over 40 injuries which included bite marks and carpet burns.

Her mother Chowdhury left a number of notes at the scene of the killing which read “I have taken my life and Ayesha’s life”.

The investigation lead to Kiki Muddar becoming a suspect following officers becoming aware of a number of alter egos on they discovered on Facebook. this allowed Muddar to control and seduce Chowdhury, turning her against her daughter because she saw her as a threat.

Muddar then befriended Chowdhury and pretended she was a cancer victim allowing her to seek sympathy from Chowdhury.

Ayesha Ali sadly died after suffering months of torture and abuse, her killers terrorised her in the night with scary masks. Weighting just three and a half stone she was found dead in the bedroom. Her body was covered in bite marks and carpet burns.

Police discovered letters that poor Ayesha had written during her months of torture.