Cumbria Constabulary biggest technological advancements in its history. 

Officers to pilot mobile and digital policing


Cumbria Constabulary is embarking on one of the biggest technological advancements in its history by introducing Smart Devices to all front line officers and selected staff.


Every officer, PCSO and Special Constables will be issued with a Smart Device which will replace pocket notebooks and digitise the most common policing processes. Some of these are standalone processes, whilst others over time will integrate with different systems. This digitisation will enable officers to complete policing processes without having to return to a station.


The launch of these devices will commence on Monday 27th April 2015. Prior to that a user group of more than 50 officers and staff, of differing ranks and roles, will act as a pilot group from Monday 30th March 2015.


The Constabulary has made an investment of approximately £1.8 million, over the next three years, into mobile and digital working. This money has been provided by the Police & Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes and the Home Office Innovation Fund. 


Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Steve Johnson said:


“This initiative will exploit technology to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of policing on the front-line. 


“As a result of this project, there will be an increase in the amount of time officers are able to spend in the community, keeping people safe and dealing with crime.The device includes an e-notebook which will enable us to record information and assist officers in their daily duties.


“This advancement in technology is an exciting one for the force and one which will have a positive effect on the service we offer to our communities.


“The pilot group will be using these devices in their daily duties and will provide feedback on any potential issues prior to the devices being rolled out across the force.


The investment into mobile and digital working will enable the Constabulary to save money as well provide a better policing service to the people of Cumbria.”


Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes said:


“I am pleased to support this exciting and innovative project, which is part of the ongoing programme of work to review the way that policing is delivered in the county and optimising the benefits of new technology. It is no secret that the funding of police services locally and nationally faces many challenges ahead, and it is only by transforming how we deliver those services that the savings can be made whilst keeping our communities safe.”