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Quick thinking hero cops save 18 month olds life.



Two officers have been praised for their quick actions in saving the life of a young child as they were on patrol in Middlesbrough town centre.

On Friday 6th February Acting Sergeant Gareth Chalmers and PC Ian Clyburn were making their way through Marks & Spencer in the Hill Street Centre on shoplifting patrols as part of Operation Boost.

Suddenly a woman thrust her 18-month-old child into the arms of A/Sgt Chalmers. The child was limp and grey and clearly choking.

Immediately A/Sergeant Chalmers administered first aid to the child, whilst PC Clyburn comforted his mother, who was clearly extremely distressed.

The officer carried out a number of ‘back slaps’ resulting in the child’s airway clearing. He was then taken to James Cook University Hospital and later released following observation.

A/Sgt Gareth Chalmers said: “The incident happened so fast and a large crowd of people gathered around us very quickly as we tried to deal with the situation. The first aid training that we receive as officers meant that we were prepared for such an incident; however, it was something that we had never dealt with before in real-life. What happened didn’t really sink in until the following day but I’m just pleased that the boy is back to full health.”

PC Ian Clyburn said: “The child was limp and grey, he looked very poorly and his mum was understandably frantic. I tried to calm her down and make some space for Gareth to administer first aid to the child whilst we waited for paramedics to arrive. Thankfully they arrived on the scene pretty quickly and I think they were also pleased to see that he was breathing again. We were all relieved that there was a positive outcome.”

Supervising officer Inspector Kath Vickers, said: “These officers acted quickly and, although they are trained to deal with situations under intense pressure, nothing could have prepared them for the sudden circumstances that they found themselves in.

“Their actions have no doubt saved this little boy’s life and both officers should be very proud of themselves.”

The two officers will be put forward for a formal commendation.



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Meet the Hero PCSO, Paramedic and Sainsbury’s Staff who saved mum on Christmas Eve 



Earlier this week we reported the ‘Arnison Angels’ saved a mum who collapsed and stopped breathing on a Christmas shopping trip with her family has met the ‘Arnison angels’ who saved her life.

Catherine Maguire, 48, was shopping with her husband and three children on Christmas Eve at Sainsbury’s Durham’s Arnison Centre when she suddenly collapsed.

The alarm was raised by staff and first aider Janet Atkinson, a Sainsbury’s employee, came to Catherine’s aid.

She was followed by husband and wife Durham Constabulary PSCOs Debbie Sadler-Knox and Malcom Knox who happened to be patrolling in the area.

Janet and Debbie gave Catherine CPR and were joined by another Sainsbury’s employee, Lee White.

A short time later, off-duty paramedic Stephen Tate (pictured with Debbie, Catherine, her husband John and their three daughters) saw what was happening and also assisted.

As luck would have it the store had a portable defibrillator which was used on Catherine, who had suffered a heart attack.

She was then airlifted to James Cook University Hospital by the Great North Air Ambulance.

Thankfully Catherine, from Framwellgate Moor, is now recovering well from the near-death experience due to the quick actions of all involved.

She said: “I can’t thank everyone enough. From the Sainsbury’s staff to police, to the health services.

“Everyone was just fantastic and really did save my life.”

PSCO Debbie Sadler-Knox said: “When I saw what was happening, the training just kicked in and thankfully everything turned out ok.

“It is just great to see Catherine here with her family in much happier circumstances.”

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Alan Horujko Hero cop saves students from brutal murder during campus attack 



A hero cop has been named as Police Officer Alan Horujko. He put others first during a knife attack at an Ohio State University.

The officer immediately responded to reports that a car had ploughed into pedestrians and began attacking people with a butcher’s knife.

Fearing mass murder Officer Horujko shot dead the attacker moments after the incident begun.

The attacked has been named as a Somali-born student at the university, 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

He started attacking people with a knife but was shot in less than a minute by the officer who was nearby.

It is believed  two people were being treated for stab wounds, four were injured by the car and two others were being treated for cuts, university officials said.

Police are treating the incident as a terror attack.



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Hero Cops save girls life of girl who wanted to kill herself



Two fast-thinking police officers have helped saved the life of a girl who text her mate saying she wanted to end her life. Officers were quickly alerted and began searching for the girl.

The officers were alerted to the incident in the early hours of November 14, when Police Constables Daryl Jones and Mark Bullock, from Southend’s Local Policing Team, were patrolling Southend.

With the clock against them, the officers began searching the area and found a girl who matched the description. She had walked four miles from her home alone after sneaking out in the middle of the night and was on her way to Southend town centre to harm herself. The pair pulled over and approached the girl cautiously.

Upon seeing the officers, the girl broke down and became upset. Daryl and Mark reassured her that they were there to help her. After calmly engaging with the girl, the officers managed to negotiate with her to get in the police car so they could get her out of the cold and talk to her.

She spoke openly with Daryl and Mark about the difficulties she had been experiencing and how she had text her friend in the hope that the friend would get help for her.

She thanked the officers for finding her so quickly and the pair reassured her that they would get her the further help she needed.

Daryl waited with her whilst Mark made a difficult call to her parents to inform them of the situation and that their daughter had not come to any harm. Her dad thanked the officers for finding his daughter so quickly and ensuring her safety.

The girl was taken to a mental health suite for assessment and her parents thanked the officers again for finding their daughter so quickly and getting her the help she needed.

Daryl said: “I’ve never seen more of a genuine reaction for help from someone than when the young girl broke down when she saw myself and Mark and knew we were there to help her.”

Mark said: “We were just fortunate that we were in the right place at the right time and were able to locate her and help her, I have no doubt if we hadn’t of found her it would have been a different outcome.”



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