Premission granted to force entry in to woman's home to sterilise her by force

A woman who has learning disabilities will be sterilise her by force it has today been ruled.

The judge has granted permission for health workers and social services to force entry to her home and use what they call “necessary restraint” and then sterilise her.

The ruling came from Mr Justice Cobb at the Court of Protection in London.

The descion comes as the woman has the lack of mental capacity to make any decisions in relation to the use of contraception.

The woman has already had six children developed physical health problems which could put her live at risk should she fall pregnant again.

Mr Justice Cobb said “the case was not about eugenics and that a further pregnancy could threaten the woman’s life.

“He said the woman had a history of concealing or attempting to conceal pregnancies from health professionals.

“The risk to (the woman) of a future pregnancy, especially if concealed, is highly likely to lead to her death’,”