Copper launches Pocket Sergeant to help frontline overworked officers

A Lincolnshire Police Officer Has Developed A New App called Pocket Sergeant To Make Life Easier For Serving Police Officers

Summary: Pocket Sergeant app offers information and proper law enforcement course of action tips to officers. The app is available at Google Play and Apple Stores.

With the number of police officers employed by forces in England and Wales at its lowest number since 2002, officers on the front line are overworked and need all the support they can receive. A serving police officer living in Lincolnshire, who has felt the impact of the huge drop in front line officers, has launched a new app called Pocket Sergeant. The new app is aimed at helping his fellow officers deal with the day to day pressures of front line policing.

Pocket Sergeant, which is available for download from Google Play and Apple stores, is an important tool for serving police officers that will help to make their job easier. The app was developed to assist police officers, police staff, Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), in an ever changing world. The decrease in the number of full-time police officers and staff and the increase of Special Constables and volunteers has led to the call for more support and new technology to help officers on the front line. Pocket Sergeant aims to answer the call of modern day policing by helping to provide better time management for police officers and support staff. That app will also with its up to date information, advice, and procedure help to reduce the number of questions senior police officers are faced with on a daily basis.

Paul Cooper, who serves with the Lincolnshire police force, sought to bring something to the table of modern policing and help others in the law enforcement family. His interest in mobile technology and criminal law led to his idea of Pocket Sergeant. Using his own funds, Cooper was able to gain interest from a start-up app development company, Sockmonkey Studios, and its principals Bob Makin and Darren Cuthbert, in the concept.

After nearly a year of development, the app is available at a cost of £3.99. The download numbers that have surprised Paul Cooper shows how important the app is for serving police officers. The money from the downloads will be re-invested in the app.

A wealth of information is available on the app. Some of the features provided by Pocket Sergeant include elements such as offence definitions, points to prove, whether there is sufficient evidence to charge a suspect (offence specific). It also helps with whether a crime report should be submitted and offence codes. There is a checklist section, which allows users to tick off points covered in statements, a contacts section so users can add their work-related contacts, an on-board calendar and a recent feature, Reference Library. The library holds important documents such as the PACE Codes of Practice that can be referred to at any time from the user’s handset and do not require a data connection.

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