Cleveland Police accused of Wilton Plant Witch hunt

Cleveland Police has been accused of targeting GMB union members in what they are calling a ‘Witch Hunt’ over a protest which occured at the energy plant. 

The GMB union has claimed officers targeted unemployed construction workers and questioned them ahead of a protest that took place on Monday 23rd February. 

The protest was against a company called Sita Sembcorp who is accused of using low-paid foreign labour and underpaying local workers.

Phil Whitehurt has claimed officers instigated a witch hunt and targeted unemployed construction workers. 

He wants to know how police became aware of the names, private mobile numbers and addresses of those who had planned to protest. 

Whitehurt claims that contact should have been with the union rather than individual members who planned to attend the peaceful protest.  

Police have claimed they identified the protest would clash with rush hour traffic and existing roadworks therefore public safety was paramount. 

Police also claim that the ability of emergency service vehicles to enter and leave the site in the event of an emergency was important. 

Cleveland Police have claimed that they contacted an individual via telephone those calls went unansweres as a result officers visited that persons home address.