Bullshire Police Federation exposes shocking circumstances forcing a officer suffering PTSD back to the frontline.

The Bullshire Police Federation has exposed shocking circumstances of a Police Officer being forced back to the frontline who is suffering a mental health illness.

The Satirical Police Federation which is taken seriously by frontline Police Officers and highlights important factual policing issues shared a from the wife of a serving police officer. Although Bullshire Police Federation does have the rights of officers at heart and does appear to achieve more.

“Dear Bullshire Fed,

My husband Terry, has been a police officer on the frontline for over 17 years. In 2011 he witnessed the most horrific crime, which ended in a death, and as a result of this got PTSD. Terry received no real support or counselling and became increasingly ill.

Last year he was diagnosed with a chronic, long term and incurable health condition called fibromyalgia. Terry was a strong man who never went off sick and kept going through the tough times. Despite this, Terry has only recently revealed his condition to the job, through fear.

Terry is currently in a role supporting the frontline but with the pressures of staffing, supervision are forcing his hand to return back to response. No other options have been given to Terry apart from, ‘the decision has been made for you to return back to response, if you can’t do that there are no other options for you.

Terry’s medical condition comes with a lot of pain and is incurable. He has seen a leading fibromyalgia expert, who diagnosed this condition but last week the FMO dismissed the fibromyalgia diagnosis and declared him for for frontline duty. As you can imagine Terry is now in a world of disbelief after having his diagnosis thrown out and no support from supervision or SMT.

I’m not hear looking for a symphony vote, but I do wish to voice my concern and tell our story. I can’t bare to see him being treated like this, it eats me up inside after risking his own life to helping others, but when he requires help the job has slammed the door in his face.”