Policing demand goes up says @CollegeofPolice but @HMICgov says its going down!

So what is actually happening to the state of British policing. Sir Thomas Windsor told us demand on policing is going down and the College of Policing tells us demand on policing is going up.

Who is telling the truth? and why are we being lied to about whether or not the demand on policing is decreasing or increasing.

Really we would just like the truth for a change, give us the facts and we will judge for ourselves.

Sir Thomas Windsor, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary has lead us all to believe that demand on policing has been reduced therefore justifying further cuts and job losses within policing.

Sir Windsor told journalists that Police Forces needed to act smarter and predict demand because police forces would be smaller due to his recommended cuts, this was justified due to falling demand in policing.

He clearly stated that ‘demand on the police has fallen’ something many officers have disagreed with. they have been left feeling demand has increased due to the lack of officers on duty and responding to crime.

Today the College of Policing has announced although crime is falling policing demand up on policing the College of Policing Chief executive officer Chief Constable Alex Marshall has said “The level of demand on police resources has not reduced”.

Twitter was quick to react to the news.