DCC Ian Hopkin supports @CollegeOfPolice policing demand findings

The Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Ian Hopkins has stated he supports the findings of the College Of Policing on Policing Demand.

DCC Ian Hopkin said: “The findings from the College of Policing analysis reflect our experiences and the changes that we have been trying to explain to people over the past four years.

“When we carried out GMP24 and tweeted all the details of what we deal with over 24 hours ithighlighted the demands in dealing with vulnerable people and the increasing complexity of what officers’ face. Many incidents are now involving people with mental health issues and this places extra demands on officers tryingto find the access the right help and advice out of hours.

“Domestic violence anddealing with cases such as child abuse need a significant investment of police time which also doesn’t get reflected in crime figures. Much ofour work involves tackling serious and organised criminals and the growing problems of cyber-crime all of which are challenging.

“Technology is also increasing the time taken to complete investigations for example smartphones hold substantial amounts of data and take time to be examined. In addition, more disputes and criminal behaviour is now happening through social mediawhich is increasing demand.

“Despite the issuesthey face, GMP’s officers and staff continue to show commitment, patienceand compassion, but they have concerns about the impact that any furtherreductions may have. We need even more support from people as well as tocontinue to change the way we work if we are to get through the next few years.”