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Cleveland Police welcomes new recruits after a five year freeze



Cleveland Police and Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger have welcomed twenty-three new student police officers – bringing a five year recruitment freeze to an end.

They have begun a comprehensive two year training programme from Kirkleatham police office, where they will spend the first five months learning the ropes.

The training programme is based upon the National Policing Curriculum. Areas of learning include ethics and values, crime and investigations, planned operations and emergency procedures, community engagement and crime prevention, forensics and evidence gathering, public protection and intelligence and counter terrorism.

As well as classroom learning, the students will complete e-learning packages and undertake case study and practical scenarios. Students will receive regular individual assessments so they can track their progress.

This is followed by a ten week period spent with an allocated tutor, applying the knowledge they have gained in the classroom, then the probationers will go out on independent patrols.

The trainee officers will spend the majority of their time on response duties, thereby gaining experience from attending a huge variety of incidents.

Acting Chief Constable Iain Spittal said: “We are delighted to welcome our new Constables to the Force; the majority of them are local people who were drawn to a career in policing to help their local communities.

“The policing environment has changed. There are demands from new crimes such as cyber and a drive to commit increased resources to identifying and responding to the most serious threat, risk and harm on our streets.

“The programme will enable the students to develop the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills and qualities to perform the role of Constable effectively and efficiently.

“They will receive the best quality training from highly experienced professionals who will ensure they are more than prepared to deal with the many different scenarios our officers face every day.

“They will find their probation period varied, interesting and challenging and I wish each and every one of them the best of luck.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger added: “This is great news for our communities that we have recruited new constables. The recruitment process is challenging, but allows for the best candidates to be given an opportunity to fulfil their dreams of becoming a police officer.

“They will all bring something unique to Cleveland Police – we gain the benefit of new faces, new ideas and new experiences to complement the excellent work already taking place across the Force.”

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Awww Cleveland Police have just recruited these four legged friends



Put your paws up for our two new recruits, Maggie and Skye who are the newest and youngest additions to the Force. At just 12 weeks old, the two English Springer Spaniels will soon begin their training to become Specialist Search Dogs.

Dog Trainer Constable Darren Gobie and Police Constable Chris Lambert are the lucky handlers of the pups. PC Lambert teamed up with a year 4 class at Myton Park School in Ingleby Barwick and allowed them to choose Skye’s name.

Chris and Skye will regularly visit the school over the next 18 months to allow them to follow her training process.

Speaking of the collaboration with the school, PC Lambert said: “I thought it would be a great idea to tie in with a school in the local community.

Recruiting new dogs is a huge deal and it’s an exciting and educational opportunity for the pupils to meet a police dog, choose her name collectively as a team and to better understand the training process for police dogs, and police roles in general.

The children were delighted to participate in this and I am sure they will all build a lovely bond with Skye over the coming months.”

PC Lambert, along with partner agencies will also be using the visits to the school to deliver lessons on internet safety and safety around animals.

The officers and the dogs will need to work very closely as team throughout the training process to build a special bond together.

Training is both mentally and physically challenging for both the dogs and handlers, as every programme must be passed to qualify.

Specialist dogs are used to detect a range of things with their highly developed sense of smell such as money, explosives, drugs and firearms.

They are also trained to work in public places including licenses premises to search for people in possession of narcotics.

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Disgusting: Graham Leggatt-Chidgey thousands of hospice money to live luxury lifestyle



Shameful Former hospice Chief Executive Graham Leggatt-Chidgey spent thousands of pounds on himself instead of using that money to treat terminally ill people.

He ran up credit card bills which are not related to the hospice to keep himself in a luxury lifestyle spending thousands that people had kindly donated to keep the hospice going.

he spent More than £30,000 on hotels and restaurant More than £20,000 worth of train and travel expenses, £24,000 worth of computer and software equipment, £18,000 on clothing, jewellery and watches and £4,197 spent in Montblanc on pens, leather goods, watches and accessories.

The court heard how Graham Leggatt-Chidgey was found to have used monies from the Butterwick Hospice to fund a luxury lifestyle for himself. In summary this included circa:

  • £30k on hotels.

This spend was for nights in exclusive hotels including one two night stay in Scotland where he spent more than £1,000 including more than £100 on wine (Photo of receipt available).

  • £20k on travel.

This included spending £410 on First Class rail travel to London.

  • £18k in designer clothes and jewellery

(Photo available of receipt from Charles Tyrwhitt for more than £1,900 which includes a Harris Tweed Coat for £229 and a beige country jacket for £225.)

  • £3k on pens

The court heard how he had bought a number of Mont Blanc pens and accessories, including ink and pen holders (picture available).

  • £4k on technology.

These included purchasing a number of laptops.

Having pleaded guilty Graham Leggatt-Chidgey will soon be sentenced after admitting credit card fraud, he spend thousands of pounds on himself instead of the charity he was leading.

He was due to go on trial at Teeside Crown Court in May, but he has now changed his plea to guilty.

The 62-year-old, of Rokeby, near Barnard Castle, was arrested last May, following an investigation.

He admitted abusing his position by using a hospice credit card for personal expenditure between June 2009 and March 2017.

The hospice is one of Teesside’s best known charities and has offered palliative care for thousands of patients.

A £1.2m purpose-built facility opened in 1997 next to the University Hospital of North Tees.

Detective Constable Chris Pringle, Cleveland Police’s Fraud Investigation Team has today released a statement saying “This was an extremely complex inquiry where a long-serving senior employee in a position of trust had systematically defrauded his employer; a well-established and respected local charity.

“Mr Leggatt-Chidgey’s actions are in direct contrast to the spirit of the hospice’s founder Mary Butterwick, who sold her own home to set up this wonderful facility which has done so much good for the community for more than 30 years.

“Over a lengthy period of time Mr Leggatt-Chidgey helped himself to money – often provided by supporters’ fundraising activities – and I believe the hard working staff and volunteers who have given money, goods or their time to the hospice, will share my utter disgust at what he has done.

“On that note, I’d like to thank all the staff and trustees from Butterwick Hospice who have assisted with the police investigation while continuing to provide patients, their families and friends a service and level of care which is second to none.  Their support has been absolutely invaluable and I wish them well for the future.

“I welcome the sentence handed to Mr Leggatt-Chidgey today and I hope, with the continued support of the community, the Butterwick Hospice can draw a line under this difficult period and continue to go from strength to strength.”

Top tips for businesses and chairties to prevent insider fraid.

  • Vet Employees, CVs and references thoroughly
  • Put Whistleblowing Policy in place
  • Control access to buildings and systems using identification and passwords
  • Restrict and closely monitor access to sensitive information
  • Impose clear segregation duties
  • Consider job rotation
  • Promote a culture of  fraud awareness among staff
  • Adopt a rigorous implement a zero tolerance policy towards employee fraud
  • Have a clear response plan in place in case fraud is discovered.



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Jessica Patel: mystery surrounds death as man arrested on suspicion of the murder



Four days after the murder of Jessica Patel, West Yorkshire Police have arrested the main suspect.

Cleveland Police did not release details of the person they wanted to speak to in connection with the murder, Saying this would hinder ongoing investigations.

This evening the murder suspect has not been named, He has simply been described as a 37-year-old man.

Forensic officers and detectives have continued searching Jessica Patel’s home and the Roman Road Pharmacy where she was a company director.

Detectives have been working flat out since they received a call alerting them to the murder of Jessica.

No family appeals released

Jessica Patel lived at The Avenue with her husband Mitesh Patel who was from the Leeds area of West Yorkshire. His Facebook profile says he was the “Superintendent at Roman Road Pharmacy” which continued updating their timeline after Jesica Patel’s Murder.

They worked very hard together to build the business the Roman Road Pharmacy which is located very close to their home address. Since the Murder, no family member has released any tributes to Jessica.

Following the Death of Jessica, the Pharmacy which has been closed since 8 pm on Monday evening released a post about dealing with Hypertension and reducing high blood pressure making no mention to the murder of one of the company owners.

Despite this, a small number of flowers have been left at the scene.

Something horrific happened inside The Avenue!

Very little details surrounding Jessica Patel’s injuries have been released, We do know these are believed to have been horrific.

What we do know is Jessica worked until 8pm on Monday evening before closing the shop for the evening, she headed home within half an hour she had been murdered.

Three ambulances were sent to the scene following reports of one person needing urgent medical attention.

Cleveland Police deployed an armed response unit to the scene of the murder, without speculating this is very rare in a murder investigation.

Once the armed officers had deployed to the scene they formed an armed cordon around the area. People within a nearby church were unable to leave and advised to go back inside the address until it was ‘Safe’.

Some members of the public have told Police Hour they were warned to stay indoors as a ‘Man Mad’ was on the loose.

Eyewitnesses have also said they heard a deafening scream coming from the address before cops attended and shut down the area.

Door to Door enquires tell us that locals have been asked if they heard screaming and if a door to door salesman had knocked on their door in the hours leading up to the murder.

Circumstances Surrounding the death

Cleveland Police released very little details to the media surrounding the murder of Jessica, Suggesting they knew who the main suspect was and that they just needed time and space arrest their main suspect.

Cleveland Police released a statement saying they would not be releasing any circumstances surrounding the murder of Jessica or any details of suspects as this would hinder ongoing investigations.

It simple terms Cleveland Police did not need any help from the public or media because they knew who their main suspect was it was just a matter of catching him.

Cleveland Police did, however, appeal for dashcam footage from outside the house allowing detectives visual evidence.

CCTV Covered drive and entrance off the shared drive from both houses within the location, This could be the main reason as to why Cleveland Police did not need to release any criminal appeals or release details of any wanted suspects.

If these cameras were working the killer would have been captured entering and leaving the address.

Cleveland Police Breaks Silence and releases a statement. 

“Police have this afternoon arrested a 37-year-old man in the West Yorkshire Police area on suspicion of murder following the death of 34-year-old Jessica Patel in Middlesbrough on Monday 14th May.

“The man remains in police custody at this time.”

Cleveland Police are continuing to appeal for anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious outside of the avenue or who may have dashcam footage around the time of the incident.


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