Boyfriends attacks man who is accused of raping his Girlfriend

A man has been attacked after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman, after her boyfriend caught him in the act and launched brutal attack on the man.

William Mattson accused of rape was left with two black eyes, a bust lip and deep cuts to his face after his nephew attacked him after his girlfriend screamed for help after Mattson climbed on top of her.

The nephew took his girlfriend to his father house after a New Years party, the nephew suddenly heard screaming outside the room he shared with his girlfriend.

He kicked open the door and found his uncle who lives within the house on top of his girlfriend as she screamed.

The nephew launched an immediate attack on his uncle causing him serious harm.

Police have charged the uncle with first degree sexual assault and he is awaiting a trail date.

It is unclear if the nephew has been charged with any criminal offence.