Tom Winsor hated by frontline cops across the land gets New Years Honour

Tom Winsor, that man hated by many Police Officers across the land has been awarded a Knighthood. Landing a blow to British policing.

Winsor famously reviewed the police pay and conditions having had no pervious policing experience.

He was asked to look at policing reforms having came from a rail background producing the Winsor report. Which outraged thousands of serving police officers.

Winsor failed to engage with serving police officers before pushing forward his reforms that proved damaging to British policing.

He lowered the starting rate for new recruits, he introduced policing performance payments and yearly fitness tests for officers.

Increased the police officer pension age to 60 meaning officers would have to work until they were 60 for a full pension.

Winsor made it a requirement for all police recruits to have a policing qualification before they are allowed to enter the police.

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