#CityLinkSaviours to help find replacement jobs for City Link workers

Our Partner network Complete Traffic has launched a social media campaign to help find replacement jobs for City Link workers.

Complete Traffic aims to find the nearly three thousand City Link workers replacement jobs with the power of social media.

Adam Court the owner of Complete Traffic has told Police hour “Christmas is supposed to be a time filled with happiness, but thousands weren’t able to share that, as their career prospects were thrown into doubt – with little or no explanation given. After reading about the fate of the City Link workers, I felt something had to be done.

“So, I took to social media and began the #CityLinkSaviours campaign early this morning. The main reason behind this being simple, no-one should have to go through what these loyal, hardworking and deserving people are going through – especially at this time of year. Since our initial tweets – we’ve been inundated with job offers for anything from bus drivers, to food distribution operatives.

“We have also been contacted by former employees of the courier firm asking for guidance, we have then tweeted a personalized appeal for job offers in their county. We’ve even had offers from rival firms – offering City Link workers a fresh start.

I’d like to thank everyone who has shared our appeal, and for their unrivalled support – hopefully we can help some of those affected back into work by the New Year.”