Christmas Offender's Amnesty launched across the United Kingdom #CriminalChristmas

Police Forces across the United Kingdom have joined forces to offer criminals the chance to enjoy the Christmas festivities without the worry of being arrested for the crimes they have committed throughout the year.

Forces are inviting criminals who have committed offences throughout the year to hand themselves into their local police station without the worry of facing Christmas behind bars.

The amnesty which has previously proved successful for firearms is now being trailed on people who have committed a criminal offence and want the opportunity to hand themselves in without the worry of having Christmas wrecked by the worry of officers raiding your family home in the early hours of Christmas morning.

The Amnesty will all anyone who has committed a criminal offences and is wanted by the police to hand themselves in and no longer become a wanted person over the festivities.

All you need to do is call in at your local police station or you could give 101 a ring and let them know where you are to ease the worry this Christmas.