Occupy plan to take over Parliament Square over the weekend.

A planned occupy protest planned to take place between Friday 21st November to Sunday 23rd November by the group occupy which involves the occupation of Parliament Square.

Police have attempted to make contact with the group to ensure the event is legal and is now urging the group to contact the Police Liaison Team to discuss their plans after they have failed to engage with officers.

Parliament Square is governed by specific legislation and local byelaws which prevent anyone from putting up a tent or other structure, having anything with them for this purpose, or any sleeping equipment. It also prohibits the use of any amplified noise equipment.

Mike Pannett best selling author and ex murder detective has said “He would like to send his best wishes to all Met officers on a safe day”

Police will continue to work closely with all the key stakeholders including Westminster City Council and the Greater London Authority around enforcement.

We would encourage the organisers of the “occupy event” to contact our Police Liaison Team on 020 7230 9824 to discuss their plans.

There will be an appropriate and proportionate policing plan in place.