Gun owners take advantage of Kent Police’s firearms surrender

Gun owners have been taking advantage of Kent Police’s firearms surrender with 19 weapons and a quantity of ammunition handed in during the first week of the scheme.

On Friday 7 November, the force launched the two-week surrender to coincide with the ACPO-led national campaign.

In Kent, officers have been on hand at all front counter police stations to accept firearms handed in during the scheme. Those who are unable to attend front counters are able to call 101 and arrange a time for an officer to visit them to collect their unwanted weapon.

In the first week, a total of 19 weapons have been handed in by members of the public, including seven shotguns, a deactivated sub-machine gun, four air rifles and a number of revolvers.

Ammunition, including two boxes of 7.62 rounds, has also been handed in.

Assistant Chief Constable Jo Shiner from Kent Police said: ‘The first week of the surrender has proved to be a success with many people taking the time to contact us to safely dispose of their unwanted firearms.

‘In some cases someone’s gun licence may have expired and in others people have organised clear outs and discovered firearm items they no longer wish to keep.

‘Our focus is to make our communities safer. By removing firearms which are no longer wanted, it stops them from falling into the wrong hands and as we enter the final week of our scheme, I would encourage anyone who owns an unwanted gun or ammunition to hand them into us.

‘Any weapon handed into Kent Police is one which can no longer be used in a crime.’

Kent Police’s firearms surrender ends at 11pm on Friday 21 November.