@Biz Stone launches new app and it’s super

Biz Stone has launched his latest app and its called super me.

Super me is just super. It is a brilliant new app that allows you to share short ideas with friends and people nearby within your community.

It makes you laugh out loud and allows you to share your thoughts like no other app we have ever seen.

The app is bright and fresh allowing you to share your thoughts or opinions in a short text with a photo underlay.

Each users thought is kick started with built-in prompts such as ‘Dude’ ‘The Best’ or ‘I’m Thinking’ amongst many others, users are then required to add custom text then sign it at the bottom and then add an underlay photo which really sets the tone and makes the app exciting. The app leads to so many possibilities.

The app was created by Biz Stone’s Jelly Industries and in the words of Biz it is designed to be ‘just fun’.

Super Me allows users to identify themselves or keep things ‘anonymish’ meaning the identity of the user is hidden ‘ish’.

Weldone Biz for creating such a great app, we’re already addicted. You can download the app at super.me