This is the body amour worn by hero cop

Two Brave Hampshire police officers have meet with an 83 year-old victim of an arson for the first time since they saved her life. She simply wanted to say thank you.

The brave actions of SGT Alyson West and PC Adrian Starr, have ensured the life of 83-year old Elizabeth Sanger-Davies was saved.

Last year the officers saved her life following a fire in Romsey which occurred in February, Today the officers have took the time to meet Elizabeth, in a emotional reunion which allowed her to talk about the fire and thank both of the constables.

Credit: Hampshire Police Federation.
Credit: Hampshire Police Federation.

Both Officers have been awarded a Chief Fire Officers Commendation, which is a first time it has ever been awarded to any Hampshire Police Officer, the brave officers have now been nominated for a National Police Bravery Award, which will be held in London later this month.

John Apter, Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation, said: “Sgt West and PC Starr acted instinctively, their selfless and courageous action saved the life of Elizabeth. Police officers perform a difficult and dangerous job to keep the public safe, on this occasion they put themselves at risk to save the life of another. They are true heroes and I am very proud of them.”

John Bonney, Hampshire’s Chief Fire Officer said: “The bravery and professionalism shown by these officers is a credit to them and the Constabulary. I have no doubt that their swift and courageous action saved the life of this lady.”

Andy Marsh, Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary said: “Sgt West and PC Starr demonstrated great bravery in a difficult situation. I am very proud of them.”

The victim of the fire, Mrs Elizabeth Sanger-Davies, simply said: “thank you for saving my life, thank you.”