Army Hero brutally attacked on own doorstep by burglars

A British hero has been brutally attacked on his own doorstep as he disturbed a gang of burglars.

The disgusting gang stole his wedding ring, given to him by his late wife along with money he had saved up to see his son in Latvia.

Adrian Peter Percival, 59,who is an ex-Royal Fusilier, suffered severe bruising after he was savagely punched, kicked and stamped on outside his home on Trafford Road in Eccles.

It happened at about 10.30pm on 13th September 2014.

He was returning from a nightout and as he placed his key in the front door, he was attacked from behind by a masked man. Two other accomplices clad in balaclava then joined inthe assault.

The former soldier was savagely beaten – punched, kicked, stamped in the head, torso and arms and alsostruck across the face with some sort of weapon.

It is believed he disturbed the offenders as they were coming down from a ladder they had used to breakinto his house. As a result of the attack, he sustained severe bruisingand swelling and suspected broken bones to his face, as well as injuriesto his torso and legs and substantial bruising to his right lung.

He later discovered the thieveshad stolen a green metal box containing the cash he had saved up to visithis son. The cruel gang also stole a gold Irish wedding band with Celticknots which belonged to his late wife as well as a Manchester United gold centenary medal with a gold chain.

Although he was only able to get a fleeting glance, one of the offenders is described as being ofa stocky build, 6ft tall and wearing dark clothing. Another was of a slimmerbuild and also wearing dark clothing.

Detective Constable HoraceBell said: “This poor man has suffered tremendously at the hands ofthese absolute cowards, who have cruelly deprived him of the things heholds most dear.

“They stole his latewife’s wedding ring which is an appalling and wicked act. But not contentwith that, they also stole cash he had saved up to pay to visit his sonin Latvia. It would be hard to describe the anguish he is currently goingthrough and I’m sure people’s hearts will go out to him.

“This man served hiscountry with distinction, fighting to protect others, only to be savagely beaten by three vindictive, violent and disrespectful low-lives who deserveto be locked up.

“I would appeal to anyonewho has information about this burglary and assault to come forward. Inparticular, I would ask that if anyone is offered these pieces of jewellery that they call us immediately as you could be being offered this man’s wedding ring. The very least he deserves is to be reunited with the possessionshe treasures most and a physical memento of his late wife.

“I would also hope that if the thieves are reading or hearing this appeal, that they too show ashred of decency and at the very least hand this ring into a local police station and spare this man’s heartbreak.”

Anyone with information isasked to call police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously,on 0800 555 111.