Three young brothers missing after failing to return from bike ride

Northumbria Police are appealing for help trace three young brothers from Sunderland.

The boys named Remus aged 15, Janko aged 12 and David aged 10, with the surname Matlock.

All three brothers live at the Oaks in Sunderland with their foster parents set out for a bike ride on Monday at 5.20pm to Mowbray Park.

They were due to return home at 8pm but failed to return, non of the boys are answering their mobile phones.

This is out of character for these boys as this is the first time they have gone missing.

All  three boys who are Polish, speak good English and had bicycles with them.

Remus, 15, is  5 feet 7″ tall, slim build, dark coloured hair in a big quiff at the front and shaved at the back. Last seen wearing joggers, baseball cap and t-shirt and a black cycling helmet.

Janko, 12, is 4 feet 8″ tall, fairer hair styled in a quiff and short at the back, medium build, last seen wearing smart mustard coloured chinos, converse type trainers, blue lightweight waterproof jacket with a white zip and a silver cycling helmet

David, 10, is 4 feet 8″ tall, shaggy dark brown hair, chubby build, possibly wearing shorts and a top and a silver coloured cycling helmet.