Shaun Wright PCC resigns from Labour Party but not South Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Shaun Wright has resigned from the Labour Party.

He insisted he will be able to continue his role despite calls for him to resign.

follows Wright heading the Rotherham Child Services when it was revealed over 1,400 children were abused in the five years he was in charge from 2005 to 2010, he had confirmed he had already stepped down from his former role at the rime and had learnt lessons from that period.

Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has released the following statement.

“I formally tender my resignation from the Labour Party. However, I remain committed to,
and intend to remain in, my role as an Independent Police and Crime Commissioner for
South Yorkshire.

“I entered into public service over twenty years ago to make a positive difference. Protecting
vulnerable people has been my number one priority as Police and Crime Commissioner for
South Yorkshire. I have had to make the difficult decision to stand down from the Labour
Party and it’s with deep regret that I’ve come to that decision.

“I’ve dedicated my career and life to serving the public of South Yorkshire. As a father, and a
citizen of South Yorkshire, my thoughts are with the victims and their families and I reiterate
my apology to them and take full responsibility for my part in the collective failures which
took place at Rotherham Council during the time I was in office and indeed to that end I
resigned in 2010.

“I stand by my earlier comments that I’ve taken that experience to deliver a major
transformation in the way South Yorkshire Police deals with horrific crimes such as child
sexual exploitation, and much progress has been made since I was elected as
Commissioner in terms of supporting victims, taking preventive action, increasing awareness
of the issue and bringing criminals to justice. I was elected to deliver the people’s policing
and crime priorities in South Yorkshire and I intend to see that duty through by leading the
force on that urgent, and fundamental, journey of improvement for the sake of past, present
and potential victims, who are the most important people in all of this.”