Seriously ill Ashya King now getting the medical treatment he needs

Police have confirmed seriously ill Ashya King is now getting the medical treatment he requires.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Shead of Hampshire Constabulary has said:

“Ashya has been found and taken to a hospital in Malaga.

“Just before 9pm, his parents were arrested by Spanish police at Valez near Malaga, which is about ten miles from a hotel where the family were staying. Police Nacional in Malaga saw the vehicle, recognised the registration from our circulation, stopped it, and found his parents and Ashya in the car. There were no obvious signs of distress, but we cannot confirm anything further about Ashya’s condition at this time.

“Brett and Naghmeh King are currently in custody.

“A team of Hampshire officers will fly to Malaga tomorrow morning to assist in enquiries and help establish exactly what has happened.

“Throughout this investigation, our number one objective has been to find Ashya and ensure that he gets appropriate medical care.

“We have now done that, and he has been taken to hospital. We have already contacted staff at Southampton General Hospital and asked them to liaise with medical teams in Spain to ensure that Spanish authorities have Ashya’s full medical history.

“There are no winners in this situation. I have maintained from the start that we have never been in any doubt that this must have been a very distressing time for Ashya’s parents.

“However, the advice we have been given from Ashya’s medical team was that his care was complex and needed to be administered by suitably trained medical personnel as any maladministration of that care could endanger Ashya’s well-being.

“Any notion of criminality has always been a secondary concern. We took the steps to obtain an arrest warrant to ensure that we had the legal power to detain Ashya’s parents in order to speak to them regarding their motivation, and we will do that when appropriate.

“Thankfully, we have now achieved our primary objective to ensure that Asyha gets the medical care he needs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the investigation team from Hampshire Constabulary and, indeed, our colleagues in both France and Spain. The Hampshire Major Investigation Team has worked tirelessly around the clock since Ashya was reported missing.

“This has been a complex inquiry, as is always the case when investigations have to be carried out in different jurisdictions. I would pay tribute to the thoroughness that the Senior Investigating Officer and his team have displayed.

“Finally, I would like to thank to the public who have assisted in spreading the word and maintaining the focus that this investigation has needed.”