Police morale all time low across United Kingdom

Police Officer morale has reduced to an all time low and is being blamed on cuts to the service.

Low morale is being caused by increased workload across front line policing due to drastic cuts that have damaged mounted policing, Police Dog Unit, Front Line officers & Police Community Support Officers.

Typically less than 5 to 6 police officers will be on duty covering all geographical areas of a busy town centre on a busy Friday and Saturday night.

Victims of ongoing crimes in dangerous situations are being stacked up on police officers already dealing with ongoing serious incidents.

Within some towns Police Officers are having 4 or 5 emergency calls requiring immediate response building up on stretched police officers already at serious incidents.

Loss of police staff and retiring officers not being replaced has added to the ongoing issues>.

Police forces are now looking for Policing on the cheap, Special Constables to fill the void.