British Jihadist ISIS Militants #ISISmediaBlackout

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Police Hour has made the decision that we will not publish content that brings glory, highlights or promotes the vile acts of the Islamic State.

Police Hour has been monitoring the situation on Social Media, having witnessed the murders of innocent children, mothers and fathers who have been brutally murdered, the beheading Journalist James Foley we now believe its time to make it clear to our readers our intentions regarding reporting of this following a number of complaints regarding us not reporting any of the developments over recent months.

We now feel the need to put it on record that we will observe a complete blackout within our network, there is no place in the world were these acts should be tolerated and we will not share, promote or draw attention to such sickening criminal acts.

Police Hour will impose a complete blanket blackout for such reporting and will not allow our network to promote such a cause and draw attention to such barbaric act that these inhumane individuals are carrying our within Iraq.

We would urge our readers not to share or watch videos circulating on-line that show the beheading of children, women and journalists, or the mass hanging of Christians with graphic images appearing on-line., further more we would urge our readers not to comment on such images on social media to further highlight the cause as this is exactly what the Islamic State want.

We will not be publishing any content in relation to any issues happening in Iraq or make any reference to the Islamic State, including any military action carried our by any armed forced across the world in relation to ISIS or Iraq.

Although some may find this an insensitive decision based on the respect for the victims and blacking out such information being dangerous, such reporting will allow the facilitation of more attacks and bring further fame to the Islamic State, therefore we will be observe a complete media black out of the current situation to further promote and draw attention to the group.

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