#AshyaKing parents arrest to establish circumstances around disappearance and wellbeing of Ashya

Police have confirmed to Police Hour that the Ashya King incident is extremely emotional and sensitive.

Although there has been lots of speculation on social media, comment and debate in relation to the disappearance of Ashya King.

Hampshire Police have confirmed the arrest was under neglect powers to secure the arrest in-order to better facilitate the process of speaking to the parents of Ashya as soon as possible to ensure they can build a clear picture of what has happened.

A Hampshire Police spokeswoman has told Police Hour , ‘we are fully aware of what an extremely difficult time this must have been for them, our primary concern was and is ensure Ashya is safe and receiving the medical care he needs.’

Welldone Hampshire Police on locating Ashya, without knowing many circumstances, the primary concern in incidents like this must always be the safety of Ashya, the police were not communicated the circumstances by the family in-relation to fleeing the United Kingdom.

Officers and senior officers investigating this incident have done a fantastic job to ensure Ashya welfare is number one while having very little information regarding the circumstances.