72K raised for abandoned Down's syndrome baby

A surrogate mother has received £72,000 in donations to care for her new baby after his natural parents refused to take him when they discovered he had Down’s syndrome.

Gammy only six months old was born with Down’s syndrome and a congenital heart condition.

His mother who lives in poverty named Pattharamon Janbua, 21, was offered £6,500 to become a surrogacy mother.

Three months after falling pregnant she discovered it was twins, she was promised a further £930 for the second baby.

Just a month later doctors carried out routine checks and discovered the babies had Down’s syndrome.

They tried to force Pattharamon to have an abortion, but she refused due to her beliefs.

Gammy twin sister was taken from Bangkok to Australia with his wealthy parents leaving Gammy due to expensive critically-ill medical bills.