Middlesbrough Girl 16 Attacked as she moves branch on footpath

A 16-year-old girl has suffered horrendous injuries as she walked home in Middlesbrough.

Shannon Stacey was attacked as she moved a branch that was blocking the path she was walking along  close to Holmefields Road at approximately 1pm on Friday July 11th.

When she picked up the branch she was punched in the side of the face, she was knocked out for a number of seconds, once she came around a man described as wearing a black mask grey gloves and grey hooded sweatshirt aged in his 20s-30s began demanding Shannon’s mobile phone and cash, he pinned her to the ground and began punching her.

The Male who is described as having tanned skin left the scene on a red and white push bike after Shannon  screamed and began kicking the offender.

Anyone with information is requested to contact Cleveland Police.